Established in 1995 with 10 million RMB Yuan capital registered, Weihai Jingcheng Import and Export Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacture and trade of household sewing products and agricultural materials. Besides, Jingcheng also has a professional sourcing and consultant team for global clients on Chinese products.
Currently Jingcheng has three subsidiaries: Jingcheng Household Products Co., Ltd., Jingcheng Special Fiber Products Co.,Ltd , and Jingcheng Logistics Co.,ltd , which cover total area of 28,000 square meters with more than 300 skilled workers . In 2015, The total export volume of Jingcheng is 26.2 million US dollars.
Qualified by ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, and GB/T28001:2001, Jingcheng always take quality as its own life and environment as its precious friend. Meanwhile, each Jingcheng worker enjoys job with real protection of rules on occupation health and safety.
With all of above, Jingcheng keep doing sound sales and receiving good reputations all around the world especially Japan, United States, Australia, Russia and Germany.
Joy and convenience is the philosophy of Jingcheng. Join it and enjoy your life now!
1. 统计车间照明,将部分传统节能灯具更换为LED灯,并对车间照明距离做改进。办公室照明做到人走灯灭。
2. 提倡员工公交出行,最大化的利用交通工具,减少燃油消耗
3. 制定更细化的空调开启温度,夏季空调温度不低于26度,冬季不高于18度。并尽量减少使用时间。经常检测车间保温效果。
4. 提倡无纸化办公,减少纸张浪费。
5. 针对电网三相不平衡,谐波多等问题引起的电能消耗,考虑添加新的设备解决。
6. 对所有电动机统计,分析添加变频器来合理控制电动机运行状态。
7. 控制冬季暖气进水温度,减少蒸汽使用。
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